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17. September 2019
IEEE P2020 Working Group| Brussel

18. September 2019
Autosens | Brussel

The IEEE P2020 working group defines a test standard for camera systems in the automotive sector. At the next meetings the further individual topics will be discussed in different working groups. I am at the destination.

14. September 2019
TEDx Stuttgart

Session: Transformation und Change-Management.

21. / 22. September 2019
FotoCamp Pforzheim

Session: What does this image sensor in your black box actually do?

The FotoCamp is an open event around photography with about 50 to 70 participants. There are lectures, workshops and exchange rounds every hour.

25. / 26. September 2019
IS Auto Asia | Shenzhen

Session: An overview about modern automotive HDR image sensors

Aktuelle Radiointerviews im Business-Kontext:

12. September 2019 | Talk mit Dana | 53
Dilek Seytan | Digitalisierung und Transformation

7. November 2019 | Talk mit Dana | 56
Katharina Krentz | Working out Loud – neue Arbeitsmethoden

h_da Logo MN Seminar

28. Januar 2020

MN-Seminar | University of Applied Science | Darmstadt
Session: An overview about modern automotive HDR image sensors

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