My Offer

I build bridges today. Between sensor manufacturers and customers. Since January 2018 I work freelance as Senior Vision Consultant for manufacturers of automotive, consumer and industrial cameras as well as suppliers of CMOS image sensors. With a great deal of passion, I contribute my broad know-how in the planning, qualification and marketing of products.

Over the past 30 years, I have been very successful in bringing my experience to the three leading providers of industrial cameras. Especially in the areas of hardware development, support and product management. In more than 300 entertaining trainings, lectures and coachings, I taught deep expertise and inspired many people for the camera technology.

I test and qualify CMOS image sensors and cameras. Communicate with manufacturers and customers. Assist in the development of the technical definition, teaching and advising. Recently I am a member of the IEEE P2020 Working Group for the quality standard of automotive cameras in the ADAS area.

My portfolio!

Evaluation, qualification and testing of CMOS image sensors, prototypes, cameras, demokits and evaluation boards. I give qualified feedback und advise in the context of market trends and global requirements.

I talk to customers about their needs. Especially with sensors, custom sensors or generic sensor platforms or variations of a particular product. In terms of pixel design, features, functionality: Also housing and electrical interface. Further assistance in the evaluation, design in phase and qualification.

I offer trainings, sessions and workshops. For customers and manufacturers. On site.

Write or review specifications, roadmaps, documentation, reports, marketing papers, application notes, white papers.

Giving 3rd level support to end customers / OEM / Tier1 companies.

Machine vision, automation, sensing, ITS, automotive, robotics, scientific, medical, surveillance.

I have an alternative view as a technician, developer, product manager, salesperson, OEM customer or end user.

Just ask!

06/2011 – 12/2017 Senior Vision Consultant
(Product Manager Camera Technology and Image Sensors)
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, 74182 Obersulm, Germany

• Consulting on strategic issues of the camera product portfolio to product management / marketing / general management
• Product Responsibility for image sensors and features of industrial cameras
• Definition of product characteristics and requirements
• Technical specifications and advice for development in the implementation and qualification of the camera features
• Presentations to customers and for obtaining recruits from universities
• Exclusively responsible for all internal and external trainings
• Roadshows in Europe and worldwide summits

11/2004 – 06/2011 Senior Product Manager (Industrial Cameras)
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, 74182 Obersulm, Germany

• Responsible for the entire camera portfolio
• Implementation of customer requirements and market trends
• Creation of roadmaps and specifications
• Technical definition of scalable platforms
• Intensive professional support of the development of the implementation
• Exclusively responsible for the qualified selection of the image sensors
• Knowledge transfer for sales and support, roadshows

01/2003 – 10/2004 Senior Support Engineer (Industrial Cameras)
AVT Allied Vision Technologies, 07646 Stadtroda, Germany

• Technical support of FireWire industrial cameras
• Assisting customers to select the right camera for their needs
• Creating trade show demo systems and supporting their worldwide use

10/1998 – 12/2002 Senior Hardware Developer (Industrial Cameras, Interfaces and Frame Grabber)
Basler AG, 22926 Ahrensburg, Germany

• Independent Developing of PC framegrabbers and camera interface boards
• Component selection, schematics, layout
• FPGA programming for image capture and processing
• Product qualification and maintenance

10/1986 – 06/1996 Managing Director
Videotechnik Diezemann, 24103 Kiel, Germany

• Design, development, production and sales of different PC framegabbers
• Component selection, schematics, layout
• Programming of the image processing software
• Product qualification and maintenance
• Marketing, trade shows, publications