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2019 Autosens and IEEE-SA P2020 Group

Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

MAy 2019 | In context with the Autosens Detroit

IEEE P2020 Informationen

IEEE P2020 Working Group Düsseldorf 18.02.2019

Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

February 2019 | University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

IEEE P2020 Informationen

Lucid Teamphoto 1110x500

Support | Camera Manufacturer

November 2018 | Vision Fair Stuttgart


Co-author | Autonomous Vehicle Image Sensors to 2023 – a State of the Art Report

October 2018 | Smithers Apex



Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

September 2018 | Autosens Brüssel

IEEE P2020 Informationen

Blog (german)

2018 Photocon 1110x500

Lecture | Modern image sensors – Today’s developments and future trends

October 2018 | Lichtwert Karlsruhe

June 2018 | FotoCon Pforzheim

Björn Fix in June 2018 about my presentation at FotoCon:

An insight into 30 years of digital photography and an outlook on future technologies was given by Dana Diezemann. She is a specialist in complicated issues, which she explains in her own unique way and packs knowledge of four hours into a lecture of 60 minutes. Thereby, no boredom arises, as she knows how to bring a dust-dry topic with humorous comments and simple diagrams to the participants.


Moderation | Vision Expert Day

March 2018 | Ghent

Jeroen Thibaut wrote about my Closing-Moderation of the Vision Expert Day 2018:

Dana, thanks for your technology experience-based but very engaging session. You really provided an engaging wrap-up of the day.

2017 Invision

Article | Rolling Shutter CMOS Image Sensors in Machine Vision

October 2017 | InVision

Application note

2016 Vortrag Aalen
2015 MN Seminar Darmstadt
2015 HS Karlsruhe

Multiple lecture | Modern image sensors  – Today’s developments and future trends

May 2016 | University Aalen

December 2015 | Hochschule Karlsruhe

May 2015 | University Darmstadt

April 2015 | University Heilbronn

2015 M_und_T

Article| The trend is from CCD to CMOS image sensors

June 2015 | Markt und Technik Verlag | Elektronik


Interview | CMOS takes charge

April 2015 | Image and Machine Vision Europe

2013 Inspect

Article| Differences in CMOS sensors

2013 | Inspect

2013 Eindhoven

Vortrag | Cost-efficient USB & GigE custom cameras

2013 | Vision Expert Day Eindhoven

2011 CA

Article| CMOS grows up

September 2011 | Computer and Automation

2011 GSI

Vortrag | CMOS Sensors with radiation hardness and HDR capabilities

February 2011 | GSI Darmstadt

Article| The application determines the technology

August 2007 | Industrie Anzeiger


Working group | EVMA 1288 standard for characterization of image sensors

2006 | Frankfurt


Article| Megapixel and High Speed

October 2001 | Inspect


Article| The MPEG video format

July 1996 | Inside Multimedia


Article| JPEG Image format and framegrabber

February 1994 | Markt und Technik | Amiga Magazin


Article| Framegabber – How to capture an analog image into a PC?

November 1990 | Markt und Technik | Amiga Magazin


Article| Capture sound with the Commodore 64

October 1986 | Markt und Technik | C64 Magazin