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Here you can find some examples of my work. Many material is not listed for discretion. Individual article content may not be published for copyright reasons. Material is in german or english language.

2019 IS Auto Asia Dana Diezemann HDR

Presentation | Automotive Image Sensors – an overview about HDR technology

September 2019 | Image Sensors Auto Asia | Shenzhen

IS Auto Asia


Individual articles in magazines

2019 | InVision

Interview | Translation | Rewritten

  • Time-of-fight camera with Sony IMX556 and an onboard ISP
  • Linescan Camera with Dual-10GigE interface
  • Sony Pregius Sensors in new industrial cameras
2019 Autosens Brüssel IEEE P2020 cut

Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

September 2019 | In context with the Autosens Brusseles

IEEE P2020 Informationen

AutoSens Brusseles

2019 Autosens and IEEE-SA P2020 Group

Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

May 2019 | In context with the Autosens Detroit

IEEE P2020 Informationen

IEEE P2020 Working Group Düsseldorf 18.02.2019

Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

February 2019 | University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

IEEE P2020 Informationen


Co-author | Autonomous Vehicle Image Sensors to 2023 – a State of the Art Report

October 2018 | Smithers Apex



Working group | IEEE P2020 Automotive System Image Quality

September 2018 | Autosens Brusseles

IEEE P2020 Informationen

Blog (german)

2018 Photocon 1110x500

Lecture | Modern image sensors – Today’s developments and future trends

October 2018 | Lichtwert Karlsruhe

June 2018 | FotoCon Pforzheim

Björn Fix about my presentation at FotoCon:

An insight into 30 years of digital photography and an outlook on future technologies was given by Dana Diezemann. She is a specialist in complicated issues, which she explains in her own unique way and packs knowledge of four hours into a lecture of 60 minutes. Thereby, no boredom arises, as she knows how to bring a dust-dry topic with humorous comments and simple diagrams to the participants.


Moderation | Vision Expert Day

March 2018 | Ghent

Jeroen Thibaut wrote about my Closing-Moderation of the Vision Expert Day 2018:

Dana, thanks for your technology experience-based but very engaging session. You really provided an engaging wrap-up of the day.

2017 Invision

Article | Rolling Shutter CMOS Image Sensors in Machine Vision

October 2017 | InVision

Application note

2016 Vortrag Aalen
2015 MN Seminar Darmstadt
2015 HS Karlsruhe

Multiple lecture | Modern image sensors  – Today’s developments and future trends

May 2016 | University Aalen

December 2015 | Hochschule Karlsruhe

May 2015 | University Darmstadt

April 2015 | University Heilbronn

2015 M_und_T

Article| The trend is from CCD to CMOS image sensors

June 2015 | Markt und Technik Verlag | Elektronik


Interview | CMOS takes charge

April 2015 | Image and Machine Vision Europe

2013 Inspect

Article| Differences in CMOS sensors

2013 | Inspect

2013 Eindhoven

Vortrag | Cost-efficient USB & GigE custom cameras

2013 | Vision Expert Day Eindhoven

2011 CA

Article| CMOS grows up

September 2011 | Computer and Automation

2011 GSI

Vortrag | CMOS Sensors with radiation hardness and HDR capabilities

February 2011 | GSI Darmstadt

Article| The application determines the technology

August 2007 | Industrie Anzeiger


Working group | EVMA 1288 standard for characterization of image sensors

2006 | Frankfurt


Article| Megapixel and High Speed

October 2001 | Inspect


Article| The MPEG video format

July 1996 | Inside Multimedia


Article| JPEG Image format and framegrabber

February 1994 | Markt und Technik | Amiga Magazin


Article| Framegabber – How to capture an analog image into a PC?

November 1990 | Markt und Technik | Amiga Magazin


Article| Capture sound with the Commodore 64

October 1986 | Markt und Technik | C64 Magazin